Monday, December 6, 2010

Travis Collier Busting Out The Skills

LEDvase from David Lang on Vimeo.

Travis Collier is one of the original Sidual artist that as collaborated
on many projects we've done to date. Also a good friend with mad skills.
Check his site out

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010

OSIF 2010 HorrorFest Oct 29th....Tonight!!

Sidual Custom "What's Left" Print for the OSIF 2010 HorrorFest
Proceeds of the shirts sells are going to the Okanagan Society of Independent filmmaking.
Check them out at and see what their all about.

Friday October 29th 8:00 p.m. til 12:00 a.m.

Black Box Theatre 1375 Water Street, Kelowna

SIx short horror films and the skeezy, dirty rock of Rattlesnake Vendetta set the stage for the best Halloween bash in the city.

$10 Advance ticket sales only, so don't miss out.

Purchase tickets at Leo's Videos 2680 Pandosy St.

HorrorFest 2010 will be a multipart event consisting of, Script submission, Sript Voting and Selecting a winning script, Procuction of winning script and assisting the production of submitted scripts, HorrorFest event on Oct. 29th a costume party where we show the winning script allong with other local horror films,

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Custom Hand Printed Boxes

Cool project we did last week for a client.
Thinking of doing custom hand printed box sets for our sidual shirts,
and hand printed posters. Had so much fun doing this.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fresh Off the Press

Photo props go to DENIZ MERDANO
Check him out at

Thank you to everyone at our local Summerland Chamber for all the support, it's much appreciated guys! Also thank you to Devon Brooks from the Business Examiner for coming over and doing a story on us. Were super stoked on the article, it was well written. If you want to get your hands on a copy hit us up at and we'll mail you a copy.

Thanks again GUYS!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

On the Fine Art Front

Landscape Through Language
35 x 48"
Oil on Canvas

Grid Gallery in Nelson, BC will now be representing Eli Horn for the East Kootenay region. They have a great space run by wonderful people. Go check it out if you're in the area.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1 of 1 Custom Hand Screened Sidual Trucker Snake Hat

Felt creative one night and thought I would try something new in the shop. If you need any shirts screen printed for an event or business etc...hit us up at For a limited time all new customers will receive a 10% discount on their screen printing order. Discount isn't for Sidual gear...sorry!

Fell free to check out our new collection which is now available to buy at Any questions or feedback hit me up at
or call 250.494.4431

Sidual e-catalog download here:

Friday, September 3, 2010

PF flyer show at el kartel

Here are some PF Flyer kicks from the Sidual crew. These were done sometime ago. we just didn't have a fancy blog to post them up on until now.

Skull kicks by tattoo artist Mark Lankin from Funhouse Tattooing

Fiberglass risen kicks by artist Tyler Quale

By artist & Pro Flatland rider Travis Collier. Check out his site at

By tattoo artist Cohen Floch from Tattoo Union check him out at

Dude taking pics

By artist Eli Horn checkout both his site

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Here's my new ride!!

Thanks to Jamie Mac from Ten Pack Distribution for hooking me up with a new frame.
Check them out at

More Sidual Bax Bear pre-exhibit pics part II

Artists from right to left: Jory Helmes, Jeremy Riley,
Mark Lankin, Cohen Floch, Simon Barry, Shannon Ross

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bax Bear Exhibit

Bax Bear invited numerous artist to customize one of their vinyl figures for a product release party at El Kartel sometime ago. I Though would post up on here our boy Eli Horn (sidual artist extraordinaire) Bax Bear he created using Apoxie Sculpt, he added a voluptuous pair of lips and finished it off with spray paint and acrylic.

We have some other Sidual Bax Bear pics kicking around I'll find them and post them up shortly.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sidual MotorBoaters T-Shirt Contest!!


Umm males face to womans bosom and shake
back and forth while humming, producing a sound
similar to a motorboat in water.

Congrats Shannon! you just added another Sidual T-Shirt to your collection.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Win a Sidual Tees!!

First person to guess what the Motorboaters theme is all about wins!!
You can e-mail your answer on here or at

Sidual Motorboaters baseball Team Shirt.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hidden Champion magazine/Stephane Royer Interview

The 4 page interview came out in July 2010. We thought we would post up the english version for everybody since the interview was all in Japanese. We've added a few pics in here that weren't in the interview

If want a copy of the Hidden Champion interview hit us up at and we'll mail you a copy of the issue. We have limited issues on hand, so better hurry if you want one!

#1) Can you introduce yourself to the readers who don't know about you. (where you are from and your occupation, what you've done in your past life etc...)
Name: Stephane Royer Born: Cochrane Alberta Canada where the movie Rad was filmed. for those of you that don't know best classic bmx movie EVER! Current City: Summerland, BC Occupation: Pro Flatland rider. Owner of Sidual Apparel and also owner and operator of Sidual Screen printing shop. For those of you that don't know me. Our Crew dominated the flatland seen during the late 90's we were pushing the limits of flatland during this era. We documented our seen through Jason Brown's infamous flatland video's "Canadien Eh!", " 5 Combos" and "Millennium" . Now its a decade later we've all gone in our own direction doing our own thing, some of us still keep in touch. After my last visit to Japan in 2004 I decided it was time to switch gears to get re-inspired, this gave birth to my clothing line: Sidual. Most people today see screen print as a production line process, I personally want to show people that it is an art form like any other special craft. That's why I still personally hand screen all of my clothing. Just like my riding style I love pushing my personal limits. I've completely submerged myself into Sidual which obviously has taken me away from riding full-time like I used to. If you were wondering why you haven't seen me around good chances are I was locked away in my studio printing. I use to print 24 hrs straight with very little sleep! I wasn't kidding about completely submerging myself into Sidual. Riding and printing I pretty much attack it the same way FULL on! I don't have a moderation button. I just simply love to create concepts and make them reality.

#2) How did you start your company Sidual? and are there any meanings behind your brand name Sidual?

Before Sidual's inception in 2005, it was called Roland Industries which was a flatland parts company I started in 2004. For those that remember and have purchased my infamous peg system I thank you! most of them were sold in Japan, this is what helped to change the direction of my journey. Our first shirts were actually designed for Roland Industries . I rallied a bunch of Tattoo artists that I knew to help me design our first shirts, which eventually became Sidual designs later. Roland Industry shirt never made it onto the market.

Somewhere along the line I made decision to change the direction of my company and I went more towards the Street wear and Lifestyle brand. When I was sponsored we wore company logos which were text most of the time I was tired of that shit. I wanted to create rad graphic on shirts similar to the late 80's. Yes I'm a full on 80's kid ( which is apparent in some of our Sidual gear). The main reason I created Sidual was to communicate through a visual art medium that is accessible to everyone. So in a nut shell... Sidual is an art movement about the world we surround ourselves in. Think of Sidual as a mirror, and we as a conscious collective can decide what were going do about it. I created this company to do some good in the world so we donate 3% of our sales to different environmental and humanitarian groups.

#3) You grew up with BMX, especially flatland. You seemed to be not interested in contests much. What was/is the motivation to ride?
Very interesting question.

When I first moved to Vancouver in 1996 I was all about contest. Riding with Andrew Farris, Jamie Macintosh, Jason Brown, Dan Rigby, Nathan Penonzek, Cory Stratychuk, Steve Fong our crew was really competitive. It was all friendly of course....... Some of us were more competitive then others. We would have contest against each other in the parking lot practicing our contest runs. I was all about keeping it underground and being hardcore as much as possible.

I reached a turning point in in 1997 when I lost the use of my right hand, which eventually moved up my entire arm. I had chronic tendenidice throughout my right arm I couldn't even hold a glass of water. I had to stop riding for a complete years, so I partied instead, good times!

It's now 1998 it's been 3 months since I got back from the injury learning a complete new style of riding and all new tricks for our video 5 Combos. it's was to much for me after such an injury and all that time off I was ready quite riding for good. If you ever wondered why you saw me through my bike so much in videos back then I was getting frustrated! my arm was killing me. I had to start wearing braces so I could continue to ride. This is when I decide not to do contest I just wanted to come up with even harder combos I wanted to push myself to my ultimate limit and shit was just getting harder to learn and it took way more time to perfect then the combos I came up with before the injury. I loved the challenge!

Now it 's 2004 (after being pro for like 8 years) I'm on a plane to Japan for my first contest at the KOG. I can thank Travis Collier for that. After 8 years that's just too funny! I had a great time!! everyone was awesome! I sucked in the contest but who cares! I was in Japan riding and meeting new people and a culture that pretty much grow up whatching us on videos for years. it was great to experience Japan.

#4) relationship between you and BMX, do you think that relationship got changed when you were younger and now? If so, when or what made the change?
I started 2 business's at the same time within the clothing industry that consumed allot of my time. Two years ago I met my Wife and stepdaughter. We moved 5 hours away from Vancouver to Summerland (a small town). I'm a new dad! On April 20th we had a big beautiful boy named Bodhi. You better watch out if he decides to get into riding he's gonna kick your butts in the parking lot. He's the next generation and he's already programmed with my DNA. My stepdaughter Isla loves doing tricks on her bike,we took her to the BMX track a few times she did awesome! so between being a family man and Sidual my schedule is pretty full as you can imagine.

#5) What is/was BMX flatland for you?
Freedom, Creation, Addiction, Happiness

#6) How do you think of the flatland scene in north america from your view?
From my point of view the flatland industry in Japan and the riders and the people really unite and everyone seems to support the seen, which amazing to see! it was interesting to watch the flatland seen grow in Japan throughout the years to what it is today. North America was once this way. Here in north America the flatland community is healthy where their is one....but the industry itself barely markets or supports flatland and if it does you almost need to strain your eyes to see it. It's very much all about street riding here, which I really enjoy watching but there is a clear division! its like flatland isn't part of BMX in North America. I stopped paying attention to the seen here years ago, I just love to ride so fuck'em!

#7) Can you tell us future prospects of Sidual? If you have that.
Opening my own stores. Spreading the good vibes to the masses. Raising money to help people in need.

#8) What is Sidaul for you?
An extension of my mind... learning about the world around me and I get to share it with all of you! Lots of work hours. Master of my own destiny.

#9) You have been to Tokyo/Japan before. How did you like Japan?
It's was great to be in a country that truly appreciates flatland. I've been to Japan twice and the hospitality is second to none, I felt like a rockstar.

#10) Do you think you coming back to Japan again?
I'm sure one day life will find a reason for me to return. Next time will probably be for my clothing line. I 'll just half to pack my bike too!

#11) There are still many your fans in Japan even we haven't seen you riding for years. Can we expect some more crazy tricks from you near future?
One thing I've learned, never say never. I do have some unfinished combos that I want to complete. For now I thought I would entertain you with some back wheel tricks for this interview. For those you that don't know me or my riding style I haven't touched the back wheel since the " Allied Loiter" video that came out in '97 I believe. My newest trick lately is changing my little man diapers cross armed.

#12) Do you have any messages to your fans in Japan?
Go to and check out my clothing line and subscribe to our blog while your at it too.

#13) Last wards, if you forgot to say anything or you have anyone would like to thank.
First off I would like to thank Takuji Kasahara , he must be my biggest fan for setting up this interview. I left the industry for sometime now, it feels like that time period in my life was just an amazing dream. Thanks to everyone that ever supported me and my riding. I would like to thank my wife Devyn she's the fuel to my life. I couldn't have found a more loving supportive friend and partner. My last thank you goes out to all the riders in Japan for opening their doors to this great sport and for being a great ambassador for all us that love flatland. Well I guess that's it. Until next time - Peace!

Huge 10x24 Sidual Billboard ON Hwy97

If your driving on Hwy97 facing South between Kelonwa & West Bank in the Okanagan,BC theirs a good chance you will see our billboard.

For a limited time all new customers will receive a 10% discount on any service no matter what the size. Sidual Screenprinting proudly providing textile solutions to the Okanagan Valley and all across Canada.

Feel free to contact us for any reason.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

4 page Stephane Royer / Sidual interview in this issue.
English version will be posted on here shortly stay tune!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Die Antwoord - Zef Side (Official)
Thank you South Africa. Thank you suburbia. Via Eli Horn

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Call - Keith Wyatt

This is the first in a five-film series.
It's time to unite and awaken the masses!

This video is indeed inspiring. It makes the future of change seem attainable as I think all of us dream of affecting this change. Check this vid out people!

PLEASE NOTE: In order to allow smooth viewing of the video click HD on the video’s screen to turn HD off, and allow the video to fully load before viewing.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Generations to come will shack their heads looking back at this era.

It's time for Change NOW!!
(June 3) -- The oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico was a disaster waiting to happen because BP is a serial environmental criminal known for cutting corners, a former federal investigator said in an interview with AOL News today.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Off By An Inch Live at the Bourbon May 13/10

Peter Ashworth one of our artist on the sidual crew doing his thing on
Bass. Nice Shirts!! Thanks for the support guys!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Sidual e-store!
Sidual e-catalog download here:

We've recently discovered that some people don't think they can purchase on our site. We are currently working on a simpler user friendly e-store for the site. In the meantime everything is available for purchase on our site in the COLLECTION SECTION.

Just simply
CLICK on the style you want, and on the left hand side of your screen click the purchase button and all the available color options will pop up for you to choose your style and size. The site will guide you through the shopping cart and shipping details.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at

PS. If you downloaded our e-catalog
in the back of it has all the product codes and available styles and color options that you can use to place your order.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Video of the Day

This add is sooo pimpin'!! Don't care for the car add, but still hilarious as shit!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010